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Don’t be fooled by claims about copycat self-adhesive heat detection alternatives. ESTROTECT TM Heat Detectors are the original tried-and-true rub-off heat detection tools with millions sold worldwide.

ESTROTECTTM Heat Detectors have always been guaranteed to produce equal or better results thanother heat detection methods. Backed by over a decade of research, field-testing and countless product improvements, ESTROTECTTM Heat Detectors are proven to have the longevity and customer satisfaction that no other self-adhesive heat detection product can match.

Studies have shown that ESTROTECTTM Heat Detectors have shown accuracy greater than 90% when compared to vigorous visual observation and penile deviated bulls.(Source: 2005 South Dakota State University)

Accept no substitutes – ESTROTECTTM Heat Detectors are the proven industry leader in heat detection technology.

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What separates
ESTROTECTTMHeat Detectors from the rest?

  • Over a decade of research, field-tests and countless products improvements
  • Improved adhesive process control – the best product retention
  • Millions sold worldwide
  • The truly original technology
  • Guaranteed positive results or your money back
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